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What’s going on

Sibylle Berg is on Steady!

I just had the great pleasure of creating artworks for Sibylle Berg’s Steady page! Inspired by Swiss alpine tourism advertisements, I put together a latter-day equivalent. A modern Snow White in pristine alpine panorama, enchanting both Flora and Fauna – they’ll fix it!
The first 100 subscribers of the premium package will receive a poster of the artwork!

»Sibylle Berg regelt das« on Steady

Moving mountains

Back from Australia and back to moving mountains for you. Let’s get to work!

Merry Moments of 2022

An amazing year ends on a high note! I wanna thank all my clients who put their trust in me and whom I accomplished great things with. I wish you all many Merry Moments towards the end of 2022 and many amazing moments and new challenges to come next year.
It’s been a privilege to continuously work with such great colleagues and clients as KaDeWe Group, Transgourmet, Steady, Grohe, Separée and many more during these otherwise so challenging times, when all of us want nothing more than piece and ecological recovery.
If you are looking for charitable donation causes this year, my ongoing support goes to Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V. and now in this horrible situation BÜNDNIS QUEERE NOTHILFE UKRAINE to support the Ukrainian LGBTIQ* community.
P.S.: If you find the time – go, visit KaDeWe in Berlin, Alsterhaus in Hamburg or Oberpollinger in Munich and stroll through the store to bump into many works of mine. :-)

War is a crime, lend a helping hand

The impacts of the Russian war against Ukraine are devastating. There is not much further to say, but to ask everyone to lend a hand or make a donation to the people of Ukraine, e.g. via DEUTSCHLAND HILFT or the BÜNDNIS QUEERE NOTHILFE UKRAINE to support the Ukrainian LGBTIQ* community in this crisis.

Make a donation at DEUTSCHLAND HILFT

Merging Qualities

Online marketing expert Johannes Heim and I have teamed up to offer you more services. His expertise in search engine optimization, social media platform management and social media advertising are valued by clients like Steady, Der Freitag, Krautreporter and the BVMW. Together we take care of your social media needs and improve your website’s usability. Johannes’ management, my design – your success. Let’s get to work!

Seeing a colourful future

Regardless of everything that is going on, 2020 is a colourful year. Even though we are suggested to remain distant, we can share what we see and feel. And as the world keeps turning, our desire to improve ourself and our business keeps going on. Let’s use this opportunity to rethink and redesign ourself and plan for a future yet to be discovered.
For my client Transgourmet, I recently designed the Christmas 2020 catalog and about to be produced, the Easter 2021 catalog and had the time for a springtime stroll through The Valley of Colour which is Berlin Tiergarten.

Perfect 2019

What a perfect run: All the projects of 2019 came to a great end. The latest issue of KaDeWe Autumn/Winter and Food has been in store since September, the 2020 edition of
Weber-Stephen’s Grill On with a whopping circulation of more than 1.5 million copies has been printed and will be distributed shortly all over Europe, and the new Non-Food 2020/2021 catalogue for Transgourmet has also arrived.
Let’s build something great together in 2020!

On the job

At the peak of Summer, productions for Fall/Winter reach their peak as well. Even Christmas starts to appear on the horizon. Therefore it is time to get busy with magazines for the second half of the year.
Foremost is the new issue of KaDeWe, Alsterhaus and Oberpollinger magazine, published by The KaDeWe Group. They will be available in store end of August. Besides that, a new catalog for Transgourmet is in the making, the second issue of Austrian restaurants newspaper Saublatt’l and towards the end of the year the 2020 issue of Grill On! by Weber Stephen!
Looks like a hot Summer to me!
Recently finished on the other hand were the corporate identity and website of tax professional Roland Kuntner-Kunz and the latest issue of diskurs and female entrepreneurship magazine Unternehmerin.

Welcome to my new home

Every once in a while you have to focus on yourself – clean up, reshape. That’s what I just did by modernizing my own web portfolio: Added new projects, removed old ones, made the whole experience more modern.
Higher bandwiths and new browser capabilities also make it possible to present larger images in better resolution to give you a better in depth view than ever before.
Since my last website update I also had the chance to add unseen new projects. A newspaper for Austrian restaurant Jagawirt or the Europe-wide published Grill on! for Weber-Stephen. Also latest issues of KaDeWe magazine as well as other ongoing projects like diskurs, a new wine catalog for Transgourmet and so much more.
Enjoy the view and let’s build something together soon!
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